Google Drive for your device

How to Install Google Drive for your Cmputer

This write-up will show you how to successfully install Google Drive Sync for your computer. Similar methods will allow for installation on your mobile devices as well. We highly recommend the use of the Google Chrome Browser for these steps, as well as, all usage of Google Apps for Education. 

Step 1: Using your Chrome browser, Follow this Link: Download Google Drive  ( and select "Download Drive".

Get Drive Everywhere

Step 2: Select "Accept and Install"

Download Google Drive

Step 3: Be sure to select the downloaded file at the bottom left of your browser screen(shown with red arrow).

Google Drive

Step 4: Your installation is complete. Select the "Close" button to continue. 


Step 5: Select the "Get Started" button to continue to the sign-in screen for Drive.

Google Drive

Step 6: Sign in to Drive with your RCS email address and password. After signing in to Drive, you will need to follow a series of "Next" or "Continue" buttons to finish the drive installation. Drive will syncronize when installation is complete. 

Google Account