Federal Programs

The mission of Federal Programs is to provide support and resources to schools and specialized programs to ensure that all children have an opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and to achieve proficiency on the state's high academic achievement standards.

Retrieved and paraphrased from GADOE Federal Programs

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Our personal mission is to provide responsive, accurate, and innovative support to all of our schools so that all students can be successful. 


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Contact Us

Ms. Laura Walley, Director of Federal Programs


706-236-5050, Ext. 5089


Sunday Stephens, Federal Programs Coordinator


706-236-5050, Ext. 5074


Sarita Brock, ESOL Coordinator and Title III Coach


706-236-5050, Ext. 5071


Laura Bucio, Family Engagement Coordinator


706-236-5050. Ext. 5079

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