Assessments help students learn and teachers teach.

The purpose of the Rome City Schools Testing/Assessment program, as a part of the Georgia Student Assessment Program, is to measure student achievement of the Georgia Standards of Excellence and inform efforts to improve teaching and learning.  Rome City Schools uses both Assessments for Learning (formative assessments) and Assessments of Learning (summative assessments).  From such assessments, our objective is to gain a thorough understanding of what our students know and can do.  We utilize the results in making data-informed decisions and developing responsive plans for the children our system serves.

Assessments for Learning

This testing takes place while instruction is occurring.  The data gives feedback to support student learning.  These assessments include teacher-made tests, benchmark testing, local assessments, and some state assessments. 

Assessments of Learning

This testing takes place at the end of instruction.  The data gives feedback to measure student mastery.  These assessments include final examinations, state assessments, and national assessments.

Additional information may be found on the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) website. Testing/Assessment

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